30 years of Research
and Innovations

dedicated to Cell Longevity
and Regeneration. Paris.

  •  The first laboratories to provide Glycolid Acid Peelings to the medical field in the European market.
  • Global leaders in developing and innovating aesthetic dermatological protocols associated with light technology.
  • Technological innovation of Time Release diffusion.
  •  Inventors of Photodynamic Peelings® associated to LED technology.
  • Members of the LED Academy.

Renophase technology is based on a research platform which for 30 years has generated galenic formulations built on
unique manufacturing and molecular complexation processes. These are the key to their effectiveness and their recognition by
the international medical profession.


Renophase Laboratories were created to develop safe and clinically tested formulations to respond to the various skin problems treated by aesthetic and dermatological medicine.

Regenerative Protocols restore skin functions. This technology is based on biomimetic molecules, biological precursors that diffuse in a sequential process.

The latest research into acne, rosacea and melasma has resulted in Regenerative Protocols: to amplify the dermatological treatments of these skin problems.

We act directly at level of dysfunction, to
restore cutaneous trophism, in order to
repair and rejuvenate the skin.


Applied to RENOPHASE

  • Research & development & innovation applied to dermatology and cell longevity.
  • Clinically proven regenerative protocols.
  • Unique molecular technology that increases cellular response to non-ablative ENERGY DEVICES, IPL, LED or shockwaves procedures
  • Skin tolerance and non-invasive targeted protocols


1987 | Research on the treatment of panniculopathies and tissue regeneration by increasing and normalizing blood circulation. Anti-cellulite and antioedematous compounds

1995 | First distributor of glycolic acid in the European market, and development of a compound acting on oxidative stress for a better tolerance of AHAs.

2003 | Diosgenin Complex, international patent. Adaptogenic molecules, acting on oxidative stress and metabolic activity to correct falling protein syntheses due to the decrease in hormone levels and cellular energy.

2004 | Development of a penetration vector for a targeted action.

2007 | Pioneering treatments associated with LED, IPL Inventors of Photodynamic Peelings®.

2012 | 5CR CHLOROPHYLLIN®, international patent for Photorejuvenation of mature skin and heliodermia.

2015 | The Chronodiffusion, A sequential vector, very concentrated, associated with all technologies and protocols of cosmetic dermatology to amplify the results, repair and restructure the skin.

2020 | Innovations in Integrative Dermatology : Booster Regenerative Technology applied to Acne, Rosacea and Melasma treatments.

in R&D


Cell regeneration is the life cycle of your skin.
It has a story, Yours.
Cell Longevity is its futur.

Dra. Michèle Eymard

Fouder and CEO


Research, development & innovation:

Leader in Photodynamic Peelings®, Renophase Laboratories have created the "Regenerative Information" technology: An interconnection between a biological stimulation and the activated power of a stimulus (LED, RF, IPL or LASER), to amplify and develop lasting results.

Treatments applied to:

Rejuvenation of all skin types, restructuring and lasting re-tension of the face, neck and body. Overall improvement of devitalised skin, loss of volume, wrinkles, acne, rosacea and melasma.


Dr Michèle Eymard, founder of Renophase Laboratories.
At 24, I had a charmed life: a passionate music lover, a model in my spare time and a pharmacy student with a particular attraction to the chemistry in the development of new molecules.


At that age, I suffered a very serious car accident. I survived, but my face was devastated; my left profile was broken from the jaw to the eye socket. My face could be reconstructed thanks to several surgical procedures, but I was left with multiple scars on my cheek. According to the medical profession, no science or technique could make them disappear.


Having graduated and being naturally oriented towards research, I understood my passion, the life of cells: their functioning, their means of communication, how to nourish them, detoxify them and restore their energy.

It seemed obvious to me that to regain the balance of healthy skin, we had to turn to the cause of its dysfunction, with the highest degree of skin tolerance and metabolic stimulation to improve cell longevity.

My life of research and studies.

My research found its meaning with my discoveries and work: Cell Regeneration, a glimmer of hope. Thus, to achieve my quest, I founded in 1984 the Renophase Laboratories.

Very quickly, I identified in my research that the harmful effect of free radicals was the starting point of aging skin. The development of molecular associations, capable of stopping the intracellular process of free radicals, offered me to take the lead on the dermocosmetology world. Coupled with innovative vasoactive, reconstructive and tissue restructuring molecules, my first formulations have gradually helped my skin to reborn...

Another big project in my research was menopausal skins. To develop effective solutions, I extended my work on cellular functions reprogrammation ; recover skin’s volume and radiance were the purpose. So, I developed phytoestrogens antioxidant complexes, innovative and central concept in dermatological and cosmetic fields.

Non-invasive regeneration approach was obviously for me the most beneficial method for rebalancing the skin tissue, we coupled our research efforts with LED phototherapy. Thus, we became pioneers in the field of Photobiostimulation.

Entering a new flagship in our history, this revolutionary Renophase Laboratories’ discovery amplifies the effect of light, a fundamental in skin rejuvenating, skin recovery, acne, spots and many aesthetic dermatology problems, for medical application and home care.

Actually our way go through new era of Renophase Research: Rebuilding the optimal balance of the skin.


My challenge faced!

My dream came true by regenerating my skin and that dream has given rise to a new challenge: helping those who experimence skin problems. Thus, I entrust my journey to all those I met during my lectures in many countries I visited, the one that allowed me to become a wife, mother and now welcome my grandchildren questions «Why do you have these fine scars under the eye?» My reply: this is the meaning of my life...

My finding. Each skin has a story and every woman is unique.

My goal. To give women confidence in their Beauty.

My wish. To continue my research to develop formulas increasingly targeted and expand the fields of application by answering our motto: Tolerance, efficiency, visible results.



"Convinced that a non-invasive regeneration approach is most beneficial in the long term to recover skin trophism, Renophase Laboratories are focused on research into biomimetic molecules acting at a targeted level for controled stimulation. This technology significantly amplifies the cellular response to Energy devices.”

Dr Eymard