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04. Reveal


Instant lift serum for face and neck

Each day we make more than 15000 micro contractions. Expression lines and wrinkles show up on face.

For all women who want to obtain a smoothing - filling effect, Renophase laboratories has developed RENEWLIFT, an anti-wrinkles lift serum to apply preferably in the morning on the face and neck. Its unique formula contains a patented active ingredient that delivers an instant lift and volume effect that lats 8 hours and grows with each use. This lift serum for face and neck, which is highly concentrated in the latest-technology LW hyaluronic acid, effectively prolongs the effects of any wrinkle injections you may have had.



Instant lift serum effective on all skin types against wrinkles or post injections.

Weight0.08 kg

Airless 20ml


Accurately target a deficient cellular function to reveal glowing skin

Reveal is the fourth step of the cell regeneration cycle. This 4-step protocol was developed after 20 years of research by Dr. Michèle Eymard, founder of Renophase Laboratories.

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Product Description

In the morning or at night, apply the serum to face and neck.

RENEWLIFT Sérum firms the features, smoothes away expression lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


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