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 Retargeting Cell Longevity


NECK Recovery
Rejuvenating and firming day cream for neck

The neck area is the first to show signs of aging. Solar exposure and biological variations cause collagen, elastin and support tissue to fall. Wrinkles appear, the skin relaxes, loses firmness.

RETARGETING NECK Recovery is a neck cream for firmness and rejuvenation incorporates patent-protected Retargeting AdvancedSkin recovery technology that reactivates the Klotho hormone, the key to cellular longevity. Applied every morning, this rejuvenating and firming cream for the neck allows to transform and regenerate this area effectively. Gradually, the skin of the neck is transformed, becomes more and more smooth, regains its volume and firmness, and for a long time.

[Kli + FHa]
Klotho Inductor + fragmented hyaluronic acid

Rejuvenating and firming cream effective on neck against wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity and volume.

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Cellular Longevity, the Youth key to your skin.
KLOTHO, this famous "youth protein" that everyone is talking about, is the key factor in Cellular Longevity, Doctor Michèle Eymard of Renophase Laboratories deciphers its secrets with Retargeting.
Klotho is an essential protein in the cell that protects it against free radicals and detoxify it. The scientific world agrees to give it the name of Youth Hormone.
This new advanced technology applied to skin rejuvenation establishes cellular redeployment. The cells are regulated, nourished, enriched, detoxified and become more resistant. True genesis of cell longevity. The legend of the goddess Klotho comes to life…

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Product Description

Apply the Neck Recovery cream every morning to the neck area. Neck Recovery is associated with Peeling Neck Smooting cream in the Retargeting AdvancedSkin recovery program.


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