effective antioxidant serum for face
04. Reveal

Source C+

Revitalising antioxidant Serum

Fatigue and stress can sometimes show in our facial features…

To solve this, Renophase laboratories have developed SOURCE C+, a revitalising antioxidant serum. This non-greasy gel-serum is concentrated in a precursor of vitamin C and in collagen-boosting polypeptides, to give a glowing complexion, refresh the features and stimulate the skin’s vitality effectively.

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Antioxidant serum effective on all devitalised skins against wrinkles and lack of radiance.


Airless 20ml


Accurately target a deficient cellular function to reveal glowing skin

Reveal is the fourth step of the cell regeneration cycle. This 4-step protocol was developed after 20 years of research by Dr. Michèle Eymard, founder of Renophase Laboratories.

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Product Description

Morning and/or evening, apply the gel over the face and neck. For dry skin, apply a nourishing cream after the serum.

SOURCE C+ Serum gives your skin a new vitality and lasting brightness, as well as improving the appearance of wrinkles.


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